The REAL Difference Between OEM Parts VS Aftermarket Parts


When you take your car to be repaired at a New Jersey body shop, you may be more confused than feeling confident in the repair process. You hear codes and phrases that don’t make sense to you or if they’re even necessary for your car. Not to mention, your insurance company want you to get your car back to you as soon as possible. They’re on your side and would never jeopardize your safety in the repair process, right? Well, we wish it were as simple as that. 

Although your insurance company wants you to have a quick repair, they also want to pay for the cheapest repair out there. With how complex car repair has gotten over the past few years, fast repairs and high-quality repairs don’t necessarily go hand in hand. In fact, a quick could repair could actually mean corners get cut in the repair process. 

We’re here to tell you the difference between OEM and Aftermarket parts so that you have a better understanding of what may (or may not) be going on your car. 

What is OEM?

OEM stands for “Original Equipment Manufacturer.” These are the parts that are sent directly from your vehicle’s manufacturer. They are the highest quality and the safest because they ensure your car is repaired exactly as the manufacturer would instruct. The way you repair cars today is very complex and entirely different due to the advancements to car technologies, such as ADAS systems. 

In case you didn’t know, ADAS, or Advanced Driver Assistance Systems, are the advanced safety features built into your car. Some of the most common ADAS systems in cars are:

-Blindspot detection

-Lane departure warning

-Rearview camera

-Forward collision warning

-Emergency driver assist

-Lane change assistance

Auto repair technicians need a specific skill set to be up-to-date on the latest OEM repair procedures to keep these safety features working exactly as they were designed for. In fact, if they don’t follow the strict repair procedures directly from the car manufacturer, then it could cause more harm than good to your car. This is why it’s important you take your car to be repaired somewhere that knows the importance of OEM repairs. 

What are Aftermarket Parts?

Despite the importance of OEM repairs, several repair shops still use aftermarket parts. Aftermarket parts are simply another way of saying used parts. When insurance companies put on the pressure for technicians to perform faster repairs, this means they will cut corners to get the repairs done in the deadline.

Aftermarket parts are also significantly less expensive than OEM parts, and insurance companies want the cheapest repair out there. However, using aftermarket parts instead of OEM parts can damage or destroy the safety features cars today are built with (such as ADAS). For example, if your ADAS system was damaged in a crash and wasn’t repaired with OEM parts, then those advanced safety features will no longer work. When that happens, you’re that much more susceptible to be in an accident.

That being said, there are very rare scenarios where you can use aftermarket parts for your car. It rarely happens, so always opt for OEM only parts for your repair. There is a reason why manufacturers instruct technicians to only use OEM repair parts. 

Who can I trust to repair my car the RIGHT way?

We at Autotech Collision Center refuse to repair your car any other way than what the manufacturer tells us. This is because we know the importance of OEM repairs and never take any shortcuts in the repair process. Each car that comes into our shop receives their own unique repair plan. We have been serving Southern New Jersey for nearly 30 years. We are customer-focused and know what it means to perform a safe repair.

At Autotech, all of our technicians have received extensive training and are up-to-date on the latest OEM Repair procedures. We will work with you and your insurance company to ensure a stress-free repair. 

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