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At Autotech Collision we believe

Your safe repair is our #1 priority.

Your car was designed to keep you safe in a collision, and thankfully,  it did its job. Let’s put it back together to keep you safe once more. We realize that cars can be repaired, but people can’t. That’s why we provide the safest, Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) correct repairs and we are the highest rated auto body repair shop in Southern New Jersey. 

No doubt, you are dealing with a lot following a car accident. Things like inconvenienced schedules, potential financial loss and even personal injury. Autotech Collision Service is here to help you get through it as your trusted advisor

What you don't know about collision repair could cost you

With this collision repair, your safety and your pocketbook could be at stake. A lot has changed since your last collision repair. Now more than ever it is vital that you educate yourself before making any collision repair decisions. We want you to know what you need to know about collision repair. Select a topic to any repair questions you could ever have.

Your safety is the price you pay for these low estimates.

There are no laws to protect you from unsafe repair.

Even restaurants have health inspectors to protect you from food poisoning but there are no such inspectors for the collision repair industry. Each auto manufacturer has specific instructions for body shops to repair their cars safely and properly. But there are no laws forcing a body shop to follow any set or approved OEM repair methods.

Safe repair and unsafe repair look identical on the outside.

It is easy to hide unsafe repair and junkyard parts under a coat of shiny paint. It is easy to cut corners and hide them from you. The insurance preferred shops are banking on the hope that you will sell the car before the problems are discovered (and it will no longer be their problem).