ADAS Repair for Subaru Crosstrek: Information For The Subaru Owner

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Here at Autotech Collision Service, we get many Subaru customers coming to us with all sorts of repair questions. As a Subaru OEM certified repair shop, New Jersey drivers know that they can trust us with any questions regarding repair operations on Subaru vehicles. If you own a Subaru, you’re probably very familiar with the ADAS systems your car is equipped with. However, you may not realize are several components necessary for these ADAS features to operate. However, you may not be too familiar with these features and that’s entirely okay.

Car repair is extremely complex nowadays, which is why we’re here to help. There is a lot that goes on in the recalibration process and we’re here to tell what to expect for your Subaru during this type of repair.

What Is ADAS? 

Practically every car on the road today is equipped with some form of ADAS technology. ADAS is short for, “Advanced Driver Assistance Systems.” These are the advanced safety features your Subaru is built with you keep you safe on the road. Only high-end cars used to be equipped with these features, but recently they have become a standard in every car. This is why we stress that no car repair is ever the same. Even if we get the same car into our shop, it will still require its own unique repair plan because no repair is ever the same.

Last year, the NHTSA made it a requirement for all new cars to come standard with a rearview camera. Because of this, people are safer on the roads and car repair has gotten increasingly complicated. Luckily, our team of technicians is capable of handling any repair that comes into our shop.

The 2019 Subaru Crosstrek comes equipped with a few different ADAS features. These are: 

ADAS Calibration 

  • Adaptive cruise control
  • Park assist 
  • Rear cross-traffic 
  • Collision warning/braking
  • Lane departure warning
  • Lane keep assist 

We know that whenever we get a Subaru equipped with ADAS at our shop, calibrations will be required. This is a very complex repair that can severely damage your vehicle if not properly perfect. This is because the ADAS systems are made up of a network of a camera, radar, and ultrasonic sensors. These sensors are necessary for the ADAS features to work correctly in order to “see” what’s happening around your car and keep you safe on the road. They are essentially a pair of eyes to keep you safe on the road.

According to AAA, “an ADAS calibration is a process carried out to correctly align the cameras and sensors of a car so that its ADAS system can work as intended.” These types of calibrations require specialized tools and equipment that only highly trained technicians can perform. 

2019 Subaru Crosstrek ADAS Calibration  

The typical vehicle will have a front radar system, but not the 2019 Subaru Crosstrek. This Subaru vehicle has its own unique dual-camera system placed at the top of the windshield, commonly known as “Eyesight.” The Eyesight cameras are used for lane keep assist, lane departure warning, collision warning/braking systems, and adaptive cruise control. Calibration is necessary if the Eyesight system is damaged in any way. The best auto body repair shops know this and would never take any short cuts in the repair process.

In the rear bumper cover, there are four ultrasonic sensors. These are used to control Subaru’s automatic braking system and to assist in parking. There are two radar sensors on each side of the rear bumper cover, which assists with blind-spot detection. Even if you’re only involved in a small fender bender and receive a minor dent, calibration will also be required for these systems. To better put this into perspective, Subaru states that if a sensor is only one degree off, it can be equivalent to a difference 50 feet in the system’s calculations. In the rear deck lid is where you’ll find the final camera sensor. This is where the Subaru Crosstrek has the rearview camera located.

All of the above systems will need OEM calibrations in order to maintain their original functions that the vehicle was designed with. Because Subaru has a non-traditional system for most of its ADAS, it’s even more critical that repairers follow the OEM Calibration requirements specific to the 2019 Subaru Crosstrek model. 

What happens during an ADAS calibration?

Most body shops will need to have a quick trip to the dealer in order to perform the calibration. But generally speaking, the car will need to be parked and level with a full tank of gas. There may be some instances that require added placed inside to simulate passengers. A computer controller is plugged into the OBD2 port and a factory authorized technician will begin the scan and recalibration process. This can best be compared to rebooting a very complicated computer. The advanced car repair of the future is happening now, and it all depends on where we take it to get repaired that makes all the difference.

There are also some instances where the vehicle will need to be placed in front of a “target” which can resemble a very large QR code. This allows the sensors to see the pattern and aids in recalibration. The need for vehicle-specific targets is why these type of vehicles are brought to the dealer for recalibration. These processes would be extremely complex for a shop that fixes all vehicles to own.

Where In New Jersey Can I Get My 2019 Subaru Crosstrek Repaired? 

We at Autotech are here to help you throughout the entire repair process for your Subaru. Representatives of Subaru flew in all the way from Japan to see how one of their OEM certified body shops operate. With how complex car repair is nowadays, you want to make sure you take your car that is not only up-to-date on the latest repair procedures but is the top choice directly from the manufacturer. 

Here at Autotech Collision Center, we’ve been serving Southern New Jersey for nearly 30 years. All of our technicians have received extensive training and are up-to-date on the latest OEM Repair procedures. We will work with you and your insurance company to ensure a stress-free repair.

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