Auto body Painting

No matter how safe we make your car, we know that you will never be satisfied unless the paint looks new again. Not to worry, we have a computer matched paint mixing system, a clean and up to date paint booth and an excellent painter. All of our paint work is fully warranted.

About our Paint Shop

Paint mix room

Computerized paint matching

Autotech has a computer aided paint mixing system to allow us to match any factory paint on any vehicle.

Clean spray booth

A clean modern booth

A factory matched finish requires a clean booth with excellent air flow. We routinely maintain and clean our booth to ensure that you are getting a factory quality paint job.

Car parts in spray booth

Expert painters

Our expert team of auto body painters are experienced, skilled and can custom tint paint to replicate your factory finish. Our goal is an imperceptible repair.

our Painting expertise

close up painting

Color matching

When painting a car, you can't just dial in the paint code and expect a perfect match. Each paint code comes with a series of variants and they can depend on what factory your car was built in or even what shift built your car. Environmental factors such as sun and weather can also alter the color on your vehicle.

Our technicians painstakingly perform variant spray outs to perform a blendable match.

Perfect paint texture match

In order to be OEM certified, we need to be able to re-create the exact finish texture of your vehicle. All sprayed paint has a subtle texture and unless it is a show car, it is never perfectly flat.
This textured finish can vary from car to car and requires a little bit of artistry to dial in the paint flow and air flow out of the gun to respray the finish to match the original surrounding areas.

Does every auto body shop take this much time and care to duplicate your factory finish? Absolutely not, but at Autotech Collision Service it is part of our process.

OEM Certifications

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