What Subaru says about repairing the 2019 Subaru Legacy – Information for New Jersey Subaru owners

Here at Autotech Collision Service, we make it a point to let New Jersey drivers know about the various repair procedures out there for their cars. Cars today like the 2019 Subaru Legacy are incredibly complex and if a technician doesn't follow exactly what the manufacturer tells them, then your...

Why Some New Jersey Auto Body Shop’s Don’t Perform Scanning, and Why You Need It

We at Autotech Collision Service are an OEM certified repair shop located in Southern New Jersey. We know how critical it is to follow exactly what the manufacturer tells us, which is why we know scanning and calibration are critical for modern-day vehicles. We’re here to tell you why and...

Signs That You Might Have Received Bad Collision Repair

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Why Safety Inspections Must Be Performed Following Your New Jersey Subaru Collision Repair 

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Does Your New Jersey Body Shop Know Where The OEM Welds Go? Guess Again.

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The Difference Between Who’s An OEM Certified Technician And Who’s Not

When you take your car to be repaired, you would assume that the technicians would know what they’re doing, right? The most significant difference between OEM Certified Technicians and an average repair technician comes down to their repair process and their training.

OEM Certification: The New Normal For Collision Repair

We're here to let New Jersey drivers know what a shop means when they say they're OEM Certified and just how important it is when getting your car repaired.