Why get a post repair inspection?

Was your car repaired at an auto body shop and something still doesn’t seem right? Are you having trouble getting the shop or the insurance company to listen to you?

Get a post-repair inspection!

We are frequently asked to perform inspections on cars that have been repaired at other auto body shops to give an expert second opinion on how well the car was repaired (or wasn’t). Often times this can lead to compensation to the owner who purchased a bad repair. Don’t get burned, get a second opinion!

Post Repair Inspection Process

Two cars on frame system

We'll find unsafe repairs

Autotech will perform a complete inspection of the repair and document our findings.

Post repair inspection

We Document the Damage

We can fully document the bad repair and assemble the necessary documentation to assist you in properly settling the claim.


You get Fair settlement for the loss.

It is unfortunate that bad auto body repair exists, but it does.  Don’t get stuck driving an unsafe and poorly repaired vehicle, get a PRI when things don’t seem right, or for your peace of mind.

Check out some of our Post Repair Inspections

our expertise


Over thirty years Experience

Dean Massimini of Autotech has been repairing cars safely for over thirty years. We only follow the original manufacturer's approved repair methods and we only use OEM parts. We have performed dozens of successful Post Repair inspections and helped car owners just like you, recoup thousands of dollars from bad repairs.

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