Jeep OEM Certification

And why that matters to you.

Benefits to you

Safe - just like the day it was built

We believe that only the engineers who built your car are qualified to determine how it is fixed. That is why we only follow the OEM guidelines when doing your repair. You get a car repair as safe as the day it was built.

Imperceptible repairs

Shiny finish  is important. But its what s underneath the paint that matters most. This is also the point where the average shop can cut a lot of corners that you wont see at first. Missed steps like corrosion protection can show up as rust

Maintain your warranty

Maintain all Jeep factory warranties and safety standards when choosing a Jeep OEM shop.


Maintain your resale value

When the repair is imperceptible, you can retain more of your resale value. When done improperly, paint work and body work is easy to spot by the trained eye. Factory correct repairs are virtually undetectible.

We are a proud member of the Jeep FCA OEM certification.

The Jeep FCA Certified Collision Repair Network is very selective when choosing collision facilities for their program and we are proud to be Sewell NJ’s family owned and operated Jeep Certified Body Shop. We have been serving the area since 1990 and take pride in offering the safest, highest quality collision repairs available.

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Special Equipment

Special Jeep only repair equipment used.

All manufacturers have a list of repair equipment and jigs that is required to be on their OEM programs. Not all shops make that kind of a financial investment. This often leads to improper repairs. Autotech makes continual investments in our equipment and OEM training  so you can be sure that your repair was done factory correct.

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