6 Steps To Follow After A Collision In New Jersey

Car accident

photo: justia.com

Car accidents are one of the scariest and emotional experiences one can ever experience. Whether it’s an unnecessary fender bender in rush hour on the 5 or an injury causing collision, the following are 6 steps we recommend taking if you’ve been involved in an auto crash:

  1. Don’t leave the scene: It is required by New Jersey law that all persons involved in a collision must immediately stop their car and move to the side of the road to avoid another collision or disturb traffic. If it’s impossible for you to move the vehicle, then call a tow truck immediately. However, if you’re injured and cannot move, then wait until emergency medical assistance arrives.
  2. Get Medical Assistance: Your health is the top priority and even if you think you might be injured, call 911 to have emergency medical assistance on the scene.
  3. Don’t admit fault: There are many factors that could cause a car accident, from road and weather conditions to drunk driving. Because of this, don’t admit fault to anyone (the other driver, police, witness, or insurance adjuster). This could come back to hurt you later after you’ve left the scene and you aren’t pumping with adrenaline, especially when the other driver’s insurance would be out to get you.
  4. Get and Exchange Information: Gathering information from the parties involved, including witnesses, will help any potential problems and future paperwork. We suggest you document:-Names and contact information-Vehicle information: makes, models, and years of all cars involved-Driver’s license numbers-Photos of location, vehicles, and people involved-Driver’s license numbers-Insurance carriers and policy numbers.
  5. Contact Insurance: The sooner you get in contact with your insurance, the sooner they can start filing the claim. They are available 24/7 and they can let you know what to expect during the claim process.
  6. Get your car repaired: Although your insurance may encourage you to go to a few different places (and maybe even seek legal representation), ultimately you reserve the right to choose where you want to get your car repaired. We at Autotech Collision Center know this is an extremely stressful time and we are here to help you. We have been serving Southern New Jersey for over 30 years and offer a lifetime warranty. We put our customers first and are committed to assisting you through the entire repair process. Give us a call today at (856)-232-1833! We look forward to serving you and assisting you in your auto repair process!