57% of Car Owners say ADAS Prevented A Crash

adas technology

A recent Consumer Reports study found 57% of its participants linked to 72,000 vehicles states that at least one ADAS system protected them from a car accident. 

Almost every car you see on today’s road is equipped with some type of advanced driver safety feature. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) reported in 2018 a 14% decline in crashes from lane changing thanks to ADAS systems. 

What is ADAS? 

Advanced Driver Assistance Systems, or ADAS for short, were designed to assist the driver in avoiding a collision through several different technologies. There are quite a few out there, but some of the most popular features of an ADAS system are: 

  • Blind spot warning
  • Collision avoidance system (also known as the pre-crash system) 
  • Lane departure warning system 
  • Forward collision warning 
  • Traffic sign recognition system 
  • Parking assistance 
  • Rearview cameras

ADAS benefits with real-world results 

The below report from May of 2018, conducted by the IIHS and HLDI, shows how these systems have significantly decreased crashes and insurance claims for cars with and without ADAS technologies.

Benefits of crash avoidance technology

The proof and the importance of proper repair

According to the Consumer Reports study, 47% of car owners said that forward collision warning/autobraking prevented a crash. However, blind spot warning has been the most effective in avoiding a collision. 60% of drivers said it prevented a collision. It’s also one of the least annoying features, but since when did we care about being bugged when it came to our safety? 

With these statistics, it’s no wonder that these technologies are becoming a standard in today’s vehicles. This is why it’s crucial for body shops to properly repair vehicles only using OEM parts and nothing less than that. When a body shop doesn’t repair a car following the stringent requirements the manufacturer lays out for them, they could be stripping the car of these advanced safety technologies and returning a dangerous vehicle to its owner. This makes them an open target to get into a major car accident resulting in injury, or even death. 

With that said, there’s still a large percentage of those same participants who have been involved in an accident and their ADAS system was unable to prevent it. We have become so reliant on these technologies that we assume the car will keep us safe. However, even with Tesla’s vehicles being engineered close to perfection and equipped with ADAS technologies, there have been reported crashes resulting in fatalities. We cannot rely on technology to be our caped crusader on the roads. We need to be actively still engaged with our vehicle to prevent any level of crash or collision. 

Where to get a proper repair

This is why it’s essential your car is repaired at a shop that is OEM certified. We at Autotech Collision have OEM certifications in over a dozen manufacturers, from Subaru to Acura. We have been family owned and operated in Southern New Jersey since 1990 and are dedicated to giving you the best quality of repair out there. 

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