What It Means To Be The Leader In Subaru OEM Repairs

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Recently, we had the pleasure of Subaru corporate stopping by Autotech from Japan. They wanted to see how a real-life Subaru certified OEM body shop does repairs and were looking for ways to assist OEM shops with performing repairs to their standards. They chose Autotech and spent the whole day with us observing how we operate. We feel very honored that they trust us with repairing any of their vehicles, especially since we know the importance of these OEM repairs. Subaru now knows that whenever they need to see how one of their OEM certified shops operates correctly, they know they can visit us. We set a leading example for the way your Subaru vehicle should be repaired, and we intend to keep that. 

We at Autotech Collision Service are proud to be a Subaru OEM Certified body shop. Since January 1st of this year, there have been over one thousand body shops that have strived for a Subaru OEM Certification. We feel fortunate that we have ours and we hope that we can help you with your Subaru repair needs.

Becoming an OEM Certified Shop 

When an auto repair shop invests in becoming an OEM Certified body shop, they are committed to creating a lasting relationship with that brand. The shop owner has invested in everything the shop would need to maintain only the best repair possible for that brand. This ranges from the equipment to even something as simple as a car battery. Also, an OEM Certified shop has technicians who follow the repair procedures precisely as the manufacturer instructs. These technicians can be considered experts in everything concerning repair on that particular brand. 

There’s also a sense of responsibility that comes once an auto body shop becomes OEM certified in a brand. We know that we must always be informed and properly trained so that no repair is ever given less than what it deserves. This investment from the body shop is because they’re passionate about repairing vehicles precisely as the manufacturer instructs them. There are no short cuts whatsoever. 

About Us

We at Autotech are here to help you throughout the entire repair process for your Subaru. Representatives of Subaru flew in all the way from Japan to see how one of their OEM certified body shops operate. After spending an entire day with them, we have set the standard on the way these repairs should be done. We are genuinely grateful that Subaru chose us and the time that we spent with Subaru. With how complex car repair is nowadays, you want to make sure you take your car that is not only up-to-date on the latest repair procedures but is the top choice directly from the manufacturer. 

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