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This establishment has done bodywork and painting on 3 of my vehicles over the years. One was a 2001 Maxima. Looked great for many years and still does. Just sold it. That one had extensive bodywork, but you couldn't tell. I have a 2004 black Corvette and have had body repairs on this vehicle. The quality of the work was surperb. Dean just did a dent repair on my new 2012 Mustang. It received a dent one day after picking the car up from the dealer. Now the car is perfect again, thanks to Autotech. It has been more than a few years, but I have actually done painting my self, so I am extremely particular and I know when I'm getting my money's worth. I would never take either of my cars to any other shop. Don't fall for the line from your insurance company, to take your car to an inferior shop. They want to save themselves money. You can use the shop that you choose. A very important factor to consider is the integrity of the shop owner. I will testify that Dean Massimini is one of the most honest people that I have ever known. However, the bottom line is the quality of the repair work. I'm happy I found Autotech, because I know that if either of my cars need quality repair work. I know where to go.


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Q: Doesn’t my insurance company choose my repair shop for me?
A: No. But they may try very hard to get you to take your damaged vehicle to one of their “preferred collision repair shops” or may make it difficult for you to choose a collision repair shop of your choice.

Bottom Line: Auto insurance is not an HMO, and you can and should choose your own auto body repair shop to protect your interests and your investment. The large insurance companies place restrictions on their “preferred” collision repair shops. They insist that they use aftermarket or imitation parts, and make demands— such as meeting time constraints and pressure to keep your car rental days down —that may cause a collision repair shop to cut corners to make a profit. So the big insurance companies choose to align themselves with the collision repair shops that can turn out high volumes of repaired vehicles in a short amount of time, to make a profit. Preferred collision repair shops are like the fast food of the auto body repair industry.

Some collision repair shops may not be as “fast” because they provide a higher level of customer service and quality. At Autotech you’ll get a more personalized experience throughout the claim process because you are dealing with the owner.

Ask around. Do your research. Visit the collision repair shops not just for pricing but to get a feel for who is looking out for you, your family, and the overall safety of your vehicle. Most of all, choose the auto body shop you feel the most comfortable with. Make it your decision, not your insurance company’s.

Q: My insurance company told me they will only pay for the repairs off the lowest estimate and that I will be held responsible for the difference.
A: Insurance companies have hired master negotiators to adjust claims and protect their best interests. The insurance company is in the business of money management not repairing cars to specification. Shouldn’t you hire a master negotiator to protect the second largest investment you’ve most likely made? When an insurance company pushes you into low quality repairs it not only reduces the value and longevity of your vehicle but it could put you and your family’s safety at risk.

According to State law, your insurance carrier must negotiate in good faith with your shop of choice to arrive at an agreed price for repairs. It is the role of the professional Collision Repair Specialist to be the advocate for you and the repairs of your vehicle.

Q: What if an insurance company refuses to work with the repair shop I’ve chosen?
A: As the vehicle owner, you make the ultimate decision about where your vehicle will be repaired. You have the right to choose the collision repair shop. There are laws in place that give you this right and prevent anyone from requiring you to use a different collision repair shop.

Q: Who is responsible for the guarantee of safety and workmanship of my vehicle?
A: The collision repair shop is ultimately responsible. You should choose a collision repair facility that provides a lifetime warranty. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us.

Q: What about any additional charges after the insurance company issues a check?
A: When additional damage becomes apparent as the auto body repair progresses, a claim can be re-opened. The additional hidden damage is referred to as supplemental damage and a supplement check will be issued. An estimate is exactly that – an estimate, not a guarantee of a final number for the cost of repairs.

Q: If I know the repair shop that I want to repair my vehicle, can I drop it off without an estimate?
A: An estimate is not necessary if you know the collision repair shop that will be doing the repairs. However to accelerate the process of auto body repairs, the shop may ask you to schedule your vehicle at a convenient time for drop off. The collision repair shop may also ask you to stop in so they can take photos and gather information so parts may be pre-ordered, this helps eliminate delays and helps to get your vehicle back in fewer days.

Q: How long will the repairs to my vehicle take?
A: Repair time depends on the damage to your vehicle. Once the vehicle has been inspected Autotech will be able to give you an expected delivery date. We will update you throughout the repair process as frequently as you would like. Should there be a change to the original delivery date you will be notified.

Q: Will my car ever be the same after my accident?
A: Absolutely! It is our job, as your collision repair shop, to restore the safety, function, and appearance of your vehicle to pre-accident condition.

Using the latest repair technology, we return your car to the original factory specifications and tolerances. Then we refinish your vehicle using the finest quality Sikkens waterborne paints, which, in many cases, will actually surpass the original paint job in corrosion and gloss retention. The Sikkens waterborne paint products are water-based and eco friendly.

Q: How do I know how much my deductible is and when is it due?
A: The insurance deductible is due upon the completion of your vehicles repairs to the collision repair shop. If you have a question regarding your coverage, policy, or deductible, please ask our staff.




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